Frequently Asked Questions


When booking you receive details for ordering your topical anaesthetic which you apply before attending your appointment this will ensure you are comfortable as we start your treatment most clients are very comfortable some have even fallen asleep



It is not required but the 30min consultation is perfect if there are any concerns or  

questions on the treatment and how it all works, I will go through step by step the process, we will discuss colours, shapes, your skin type, different tattooing methods and your desired outcome, this session is to make sure we are on the same page and I can help you achieve your ultimate Brows.



Approx 2 to 3 hours this includes custom brow mapping, colour choice and then treatment followed by aftercare instructions.



This is where the pre-consultation questions and following skin condition/types information come in to play.  Below is some information for you to help determine if you are a good candidate for Microblading or if Powder Brow or Combination Brow is the suitable option for you. As an artist, it is my aim to ensure you receive the best possible outcome so we start by determining if your skin is in a healthy condition to be tattooed.

Unfortunately, some pre-existing skin conditions and skin treatments can compromise the skin and unfortunately may make the tattooing less effective which is not the desired outcome so before we make an appointment it is important to read over the following information and decide whether cosmetic tattooing is for you.



If you are prone to eczema, psoriasis, Keratosis pilaris or dermatitis chances are your skin being constantly flaking and irritated will not be suitable for tattooing and will not hold the pigment that well

This will be the same for those suffering chronic conditions such as severe acne or Rosacea due to the inherent nature of these conditions can cause the skin to bleed easily and again means you may not hold the pigment well



If you have an excessively oily skin type can cause Microbladed strokes to blur together of time resulting in a more powdered less defined look and will eventually have to be tattooed over in this instance I recommend the Powder Brow or Combination Brows which is a more  Brow make up look this can be soft or heavy looking depending on your preference.

Normal to Dry skin is the Best for microblading

If you have red hair, have thin, light skin with lighter eyes (Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1) your skin can generally be very sensitive and may not hold microblading well if you bleed easily you may not hold colour well I recommend trying the Combination Brows

If you are wanting to get Brow tattooing but have been tanning or recently have gotten sunburn it is best to wait to your skin is in a healthy state again before booking in



Have you been taking acne Medications? such Roaccutane You will need to be off it for at least 12 months, other products such as skin peeling acids and Pro-Active may also alter the skin and will not heal well please make sure to disclose this to your tattooist.

Also please make sure if you have been using Retinol and Vitamin A you discontinue use at least a month prior to the procedure.

Photo sensitising antibiotics and high doses of anti-inflammatory medicines or topical medical creams cannot be treated until 6 months after you have stopped usage. Some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs may adversely affect tattooing. Please make sure to inform us of any and all medications so we can make sure you are clear to be tattooed.

Autoimmune- if you have an autoimmune disorder such as lupus or any other you will not be a good candidate for this treatment.

Pregnant or breastfeeding have a heart condition or haemophilia it is not recommended that you get any form of cosmetic tattooing as this is a high risk for you. If you are on any heart medication that thins your blood it’s not recommended

Are you currently taking Fish Oil tablets or any other vitamins? You will need to come off fish Oil at least a week prior to appointment


If you suffer from any Nervous or Anxiety disorders please consider carefully if this is something for you as the process takes a good 4-8 weeks to be completed and can be an anxious wait as the treatment is not perfected until after healing of the touch up appointment. 

If you are pregnant, breastfeedinghave hemophilia, or a heart condition, it is absolutely not recommended that you get any form of cosmetic tattooing done as this puts you in a high-risk category. Hormones play a big part in your skin as well please give your self time after pregnancy and Breast feeding. People who have heart issues often are on medications that thin the blood which will cause excessive bleeding and will result in poor results with cosmetic tattooing. If you are prone to Keloid scarring NOT suitable for you either.

Autoimmune Diseases If you have an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, or frontal fibrosing alopecia, you will  not  be a good candidate for this treatment due to your compromised skin health caused by these disorders.

Trichotillomania (the compulsive pulling of body hair) causes the scar tissue in the eyebrow skin to be prominent, and will not allow the colour to heal properly.

Please let me know if any of this is a concern and we can discuss and adjust your expectations and I will recommend a method suited to your skin type or concern


Terms & Condtions

*In accordance with government guidelines, and us being a private small by appointment only studio please come to your appointment alone.


Please note, by making an appointment with COSMETIC TATTOOING BY DEE you are agreeing to the CLINIC POLICIES & CANCELLATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS LISTED

Cosmetic Tattooing By Dee has the right to refuse to Tattoo anyone who is not a suitable candidate

It is important to work out whether you are a viable candidate before booking and Paying your Deposit. Failing to do so may result in you being turned away and the loss of your Deposit as we will not be able to fill your appointment at such late notice.

Being a small business, with long treatment times; a NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE IS REQUIRED – however transferrable to another date (providing a minimum of 72-hour notice) has been given

The Booking Fee of $100 is required IMMEDIATELY after making an appointment


NO SHOWS will result in loss of booking fee and not be rebooked unless it is an extreme circumstance

Should you breach any terms contained on our website, consent forms or any provided information we reserve the right to end our engagement and contract with you at any time.

At the discretion of Cosmetic Tattooing & Beauty By Dee, should we deem that your communications with our team or any form of publications about Cosmetic Tattooing by Dee become inappropriate, unacceptable, abusive or harassing we reserve the right to end our engagement and contract with you at any time.

*Cancellation of pre-paid Consultation within 24 of appointment does forfeit your payment and you will need to prepay the appointment again. 

You are also agreeing that you DO NOT have any of the contra-indications as listed and that you are over the age of 18, and are not pregnant or breastfeeding.