As a teenager, Dee experienced first-hand the transformation makeup and beauty treatments could have on a person’s confidence. The way it made a person stand, an inner glow to match their outer glow and even happy tears from feeling like the best version of themselves. Fast forward to 2020 and Dee has trained with educators from around the globe to perfect the art of cosmetic tattooing, makeup artistry and beauty therapy.

Located in the vibrant Sanctuary Lakes community, our luxe home clinic awaits. Step inside our bright, private haven, unwind to the smell of Dee’s handmade candles burning and take time for you – you deserve it.

Specialising in brow transformations, we understand that every brow tells a unique story. That’s why Brows By Dee offers a range of brow solutions including brow sculpts, microblading, powder brows and combination brows to achieve your personal goals.

Nothing matches fresh brows quite like gorgeously glowing skin! At Brows By Dee, experience a selection of advanced skin rejuvenation treatments to refine your complexion and restore your radiance. Specialising in Collagen Induction Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Dermplaning, Teeth Whitening and Dermaquest Advanced Facials, we’re able to match you with a treatment journey personalised to your unique skin needs.

A lifelong learner, Dee is continually upskilling and working with the best the industry has to offer to ensure you experience not just the latest in skin and brow solutions but outstanding results, every time.

Cityside? We got you! Dee’s brow transformations are also available at the divine Fitzroy-based clinic, Bedroom Eyes.

Discover our exceptional results by following us on Instagram and experience the Brows By Dee difference by booking your skin and brow treatments online.

We can’t wait to transform your confidence.